The Mother Lode

a comedy web series taking an unconventional look at grief and motherhood

Press for 'The Mother Lode'

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The Motherlode: a Web Series about Creativity, Grieving, and Being a Mom

"Life never slows down. It’s an anecdote that’s been shared for ages but one truly captured in “the Motherlode”. Theresa Gambacorta is an NYC based actress, writer, and director with “the Motherlode” currently in production. Centering around some of her own experiences as a mother, the web series is about the obstacles that come with being both a creator and a mother. Growth seems to be something that many perceive stops in your teens or 20s- however, through this cast of actresses 35+ plus we dive into the messy, tragic, hilarious, touching, and real life scenarios that have no age. Life never slows down and we can see already “the Motherlode” won’t either." Read the rest.


Women Who Make Us Laugh: Crowdfunding Picks

"Motherhood is the central focus of writer and director Theresa Gambacorta’s comedy web series, “The Mother Lode.” It’s a personal story about being a mom that is simultaneously uncomfortable and silly. What’s surprising about this comedy is that it also explores the aftermath of the death of Margaret’s father. Did we mention that his ghost won’t stop following Margaret around?" Read the rest.



"Motherhood is both the greatest gift that women can receive, and the greatest responsibility that they can bear. With their lives permanently changed and enhanced by the challenges of parenting, many women also face an even more personal struggle: the struggle to stay true to themselves. Looking at that task through a comedic perspective can be helpful, though. To that end, the upcoming new series THE MOTHER LODE provides a funny and relatable look at parenthood and personal authenticity." Read the rest.

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Funding Friday | The Mother Lode

"What Is It? A women-driven web series, The Mother Lode touts their five ensemble actresses over the age of 35 and the series' commitment to hiring women in key crew positions. A story following a woman's journey of integration, writer/director Theresa Gambacorta, explores the importance of understanding the lonely, tender and unspoken dark parts of a mother's heart, in Margaret." Read the rest.


The Mother Lode: Launches Seed & Spark Campaign!

"The series is in hopes to raise $15,000 for production for the first four episodes of the series. Not only that, but it offers cool and exciting perks including a recipe book for tasty kid-friendly snacks and a homemade solar-powered oven (made from a pizza box, how stinkin’ cool!)" Read the rest.