The Mother Lode

a comedy web series taking an unconventional look at grief and motherhood

The Mother Lode is a ten episode comedic series for the web that takes an unconventional look at grief and motherhood.

In Season One we meet Margaret in the throes of a crisis. Still reeling from the death of her father Frank- whose spirit won't stop following her around the playground, she tries to face  the underbelly of motherhood that threatens her renegade mom identity. How Margaret moves through the dichotomy of darkness and light that steers her idea of motherhood is to see a woman of action who is at once wrestling with the death of her father and the death of her self.  

Season Two takes place six months earlier. We dive further into Margaret's relationship with her father Frank and her mother Jojabel. The set-up of Season two is planted in the "last hurrah trip" to Las Vegas that Margaret took with Jojabel, her best friend and Frank's urn. This season was rendered from the original solo play, The Vegas Project, written and performed by me  in 2011.

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